Photo by Sally Huang

The Stanford campus has slowly come back to life. Our medical system continues to care for our patients in a hospital building new enough that it has almost never known fully unmasked inhabitants.

In the two years since the first edition of The Pegasus Review, we have seen a global pandemic, devastating fires, other climate-related catastrophes, and societal polarization. In this season of transformation amidst a time of vast changes, one thing remains immutable: the power of art to renew, to transform, to challenge, and to heal. At Pegasus, we have been inspired by the collective creativity that continues to emerge from within Stanford and our global community. This second edition draws from writers around the world; from past Paul Kalanithi and Irvin D. Yalom Literary award winners; and from patients, practitioners, caregivers alike; in short, from all those affected by illness and healing.

We hope you find, as we have, the common threads of humanity and artistic expression woven within the words and images on the digital page.

The editors of The Pegasus Review

Our Mission

To create a platform for medicine’s unheard and emerging voices.

To explore the interface between the healthcare institution and the individual.

To return stories to the heart of medicine.